About Us

The roots of Aspen Leather Goods trace back to the 1990s when a young boy, captivated by the artistry of his grandfather's handmade shoes, spent precious moments in the small workshop. Fast forward to today, that little boy is now the proud owner of Aspen Leather Goods, continuing the legacy of craftsmanship passed down through generations.
Our journey takes inspiration from the nostalgic scents of leather in that humble workshop. Now based in Colorado, Aspen Leather Goods sources leather from diverse corners of the world, ensuring the finest quality. What makes us unique is that we meticulously handcraft all our products in the USA, blending tradition with modernity.
Our offerings include not only premium leather but also an array of meticulously crafted products. Whether it's a wallet, bag, or accessory, each item carries the essence of our passion for quality. We go a step further by offering personalization options, tailoring our leather products to meet the unique preferences of our customers.
You can explore and purchase our exquisite leather and products online, and we're excited to announce that our showroom will be opening soon, where we hope to personally welcome you to experience the essence of Aspen Leather Goods.
Thank you for being part of our story.
Best regards,
Aspen Leather Goods Team